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Zoom2 bleaching

Attention : Only certified products can give safe and satisfactory results along with healthy teeth.

16 stages of natural tooth color

What is dental bleaching?

Dental bleaching is dental procedure to whiten and clean decolorated yellowish or blackish teeth through chemical action. Dental bleaching is used to recover original tooth color or to make the teeth whiter when tooth brushing or scaling is not working. This method is effective to both young and old, male and female.
Dental bleaching is a specialized procedure to whiten out teeth which became yellowish by our favorite foods such as coffee, green tea, black tea, chocolate, wine and aging in this world where beautiful smiles are competiveness. The needs for white teeth and bright smiles are increasing in people who are getting married, preparing for jobs, new college students.

Causes and treatment methods of dental bleaching.

Causes of discoloration treatment method
dental/bacterial coloration, changed color by plaque scaling, oral prophylaxis
coloration by aging, foods (coffee, black tea) containing pigments, and smoking dental bleaching
tetracycline intake or excessive fluorine intake under the age of 8 dental bleaching, laminate

The cases of the dental bleaching

Who is dental bleaching?

Cases in need of dental bleaching

• Teeth color is yellowish innately
• Teeth are colorized by coffee, cola or smoking
• Teeth became yellowish with age
• Patients want white and clean teeth after dental correction
• Getting married or preparing for jobs
• Got complex due to teeth color
• Patients want white teeth after quitting smoking
• Patients want more bright and attractive smiles

Treatment methods

Treatment methods

Bleaching agents are used for 2 hours in the daytime or applied during sleep at nights. 2~4 weeks for every day or for every other day are required depending on the coloration of the teeth. Professional bleaching together with home bleaching will produce better effects and consistent results.

Professional bleaching

Bleaching is performed at a dental clinic using bleaching agents, plasma arc, and laser light sources. Combination of home bleaching and professional bleaching maximize the results. Brighter teeth are desired in recent trend and professional bleaching is recommended to the people who are not satisfied with home bleaching. Patients take this treatment 1~2 times a week.

Permanent bleaching

Artificial finger nail shaped laminate is attached on the surface of the tooth. This method keeps the natural teeth intact while the teeth color gets very bright and white as much as desired.


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