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Sinchon Dain Dental Clinic participated in the Tourism & Health Exhibition in Yakutsk, Russia

scdainmanager scdainmanager
2018-08-28 11:53

Sinchon Dain Dental Clinic participated in the Tourism, Health, and Leisure in Korea Exhibition, which was held June 3-4 in Yakutsk, Russia. The exhibition was organized National Tourism Organization of Korea branch in Vladivostok, Russia.

The representative states: 'Today South Korea offers a wide range of leisure options - from entertainment to sightseeing tours and active participation in festivals. Tourists from Yakutia often go to Korea to study English in summer camps, travel, or to receive a medical check-up'.

More than 20 hospitals and tourism and medical tourism agencies took part in this Exhibition. During the exhibition, participants were given a chance to present their own institution as well as an answer to the visitor’s questions. At the event’s closing Sinchon Dain raffled off a prize among the visitors – installation of one Swiss implant.
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