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Sinchon Dain Dental Hospital recieved a grand prize in the «Denatl Clinic for Foreign Patients 2017»

scdainmanager scdainmanager
2018-08-20 11:51

Sinchon Dain Dental Hospital was selected as the certification grand prize in the «Denatl Clinic for Foreign Patients» of '2017 Korea Medical Service' medical service area hosted and organized by the Korea Medical Tourism Association.

The hospital received a high evaluation of the foreign patient medical and facilitation services taking into consideration a personalized treatment system, in house dental lab, as well as high standards of a disinfection equipment of the clinic.

Besides that, Sinchon Dain Hospital earned an excellent reputation thanks to the outstanding work of international department team’s work, which showed excellent results in the field of foreign client facilitation, as well as clinic’s marketing and promotion both in Korea and abroad. The hospital provides interpretation services in English, Russian, Chinese and Kazakh languages.

The chief of Sinchon Dain Hospital says «Our hospital opens its doors to everyone (DA) who needs to get a relief (IN) from the dental pain... We are going to continue to invest in the technology and staff qualification development to keep our clients satisfied».

The Korea Medical Tourism Association has established the ‘Korea Medical Tour Service’ award in order to objectively evaluate, accredit, and improve the quality of medical services for foreign patients being treated in Korea.

The annual award ceremony was held on March 22; the award was given to 9 institutions among which were 4 medical institutions, 3 medical tourism agencies, and 2 travel companies operating in South Korea.

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