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Sinchon Dain Dental Hospital accredited as an official partner organization promoting medical tourism in Seoul City of Korea

scdainmanager scdainmanager
2018-08-14 11:51

December 8, 2016 Sinchon Dain Dental Clinic received accreditation as a partner in the field of medical tourism of Seoul.

Sinchon Dain Dental Clinic with its multilingual website, advertising infrastructure and qualified medical personnel is well established among other Korean dental institutions and has been recognized for its achievements in the field of international marketing and promotional activities: local and international client base building, foreign client facilitation.

During 2017 Dental Clinic together with Seoul Tourism Organization and Seoul City Hall will take a part in the medical tourism package development and medical coordinator training program.

Head of the clinic, Im Heungbin: 'It is a great honor for us to have an opportunity to represent Seoul as an official partner in the field of medical tourism; we will try to provide foreign patients with the best treatment possible. We will make every effort to promote Seoul as a major center of medical tourism in Korea. '
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